Dental Implants

Dental implants are tiny titanium posts that provide strong support for replacement teeth and are one of the most effective ways to fill in gaps in your smile.

Why you might need them

You may have one or missing teeth that have been lost through dental decay, gum disease or trauma.

How they help

Your choices

Single tooth implant – a single implant can permanently fill in a gap in your smile as a colour-matched porcelain crown is attached to the embedded metal post. It can replace a missing tooth without affecting the health of adjacent teeth.

Multiple teeth implants – implants can replace a number of missing teeth but you may not need a separate implant for each tooth. Just a few strategically placed implants can support bridgework.

Full arch implants – a full set of teeth can be supported by a small number of implants. They can also support removable dentures.

How they work

More useful information

We use a highly qualified specialist implant surgeon to place implants and we are trained to design and fit the replacement teeth.

Dental implants offer an extremely durable solution to missing teeth, as long as you look after them well and attend regular dental check-ups.

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