Latest dental implant technology comes to Chorlton, Manchester

Dental implants have been used since 1965, providing patients with a fantastic alternative to no teeth or a removable denture. As you would expect there have been many advances in this area over time. At Wood and Woolfstein we have been restoring implants for a long time but now we are proud to announce that we can also provide you with the surgical implant placement too.
As a practice we have invested a lot of time and effort into the latest planning techniques for dental implantology. We are one of only a handful of practices operating a full digital workflow which allows placement of each dental implant to an accuracy of within a millimetre!
This workflow means highly predictable outcomes, less complications, and a decreased likelihood of injury to adjacent structures like nerves and blood vessels. It also results in the final tooth ending up precisely where we want it.

There are currently more than 600 dental implant companies globally, and after a great deal of thought, we chose to provide the Straumann system at the practice. Straumann is a Swiss dental implant and biomaterial manufacturer, renowned for it’s precision engineering, and is one of the largest implant manufacturers in the world.
Due to the vast size of this company, a huge amount of research and development has been undertaken over the years, ensuring that their implants are at the cutting edge of technology. It also means that the manufacturing process is second to none, with the implants made to the highest standard. Cheaper implant systems have been shown to exhibit far more manufacturing errors, which ultimately result in decreased success rates and a shorter lifespan.

One of the most important aspects of having a Straumann implant is that the company has been around since the 1950’s, is represented in over 70 countries, and is unlikely to become obsolete. Should the implant or the connection to the tooth require servicing, maintenance or replacement a few years down the line, components should be readily available.

If a cheaper brand is used and the manufacturer ceases production, servicing and maintenance of the implant may be impossible, meaning the implant has to be removed and redone. This would incur extra cost and further surgery.

In our opinion, it is the brand most dentists would have in their own mouth.

So why have them at W&W? Why have any work done here! We are one of the longest established surgeries in Manchester, having been on this site for almost 100 years, and have some regular patients who have been attending the practice since the 1950’s!

We pride ourselves on providing dental care to the highest standards and are very highly regarded in the locality.

Continuity is important, with dental implants being placed in house rather than by a visiting practitioner, so you can rest assured we will be here to look after you in years to come.

Most patients are suitable for implants but Dr Ahmad will of course carry out an assessment of your gums, bone and remaining teeth. Assuming all is well after initial assessment, moulds of the teeth are taken to create study models to allow visualisation of the final result. Patients are sent to have a 3D CT scan, and this allows us to digitally plan exactly where we want the implant(s) to be placed.

The next stage is the actual implant placement itself, with this being left to fuse to the jawbone for a few months. The implant is then uncovered, and at this stage we would begin making the crown, bridge or denture, with this taking a few weeks to complete.

The entire process involves multiple visits over a period of approximately 4-5 months.


We are running a special offer for a limited period of time.
This is a free 20 minute implant consultation, including all basic x-rays and treatment options.
( If you have not attended a dentist for a regular check up within the last 12 months, then you will be required to book a new patient exam which costs £25.00)