New Clinipad technology

We are pleased to announce the arrival of our new Clinipad technology. We have been looking for ways to move the Practice to paperless where possible and listened to your feedback regarding the regular completion of written medical history forms.

We have that solution in the form of Clinipad:

The Clinipad enables patients and/or staff to complete and sign forms digitally by means of electronic tablet devices.

Signed documents are stored electronically in your individual patient record and can be verified as original and unaltered, with genuine signatures that are accepted as legally binding.

This technology modernises and speeds data capture, saves on printing and paper storage and enhances the patient experience within the dental practice.

once we have completed the initial data entry you will in future be able to see the information we hold on the electronic tablets and be able to update it simply if required and sign electronically to agree to the changes.

We are now receiving excellent feedback on how this really improves your experience in the Practice.