A crown is a custom-made restoration that completely covers a damaged tooth to improve its strength, appearance and function.

Why you might need them

You may have unsightly teeth caused by chips, decay, discoloration or large fillings. A crown can conceal these defects and repair the tooth so it can be used normally.

How they help

Your choices

We offer a variety of crown types including gold and porcelain bonded (with metal). We also offer e.Max crowns, which are made from strong tooth-like materials. These provide the most natural-looking crowns as they are completely metal free and highly resilient. (For more information about these tough, attractive crowns, take a look here) link to Ivoclar website?

How they work

More useful information

Care for your crown by paying close attention to your dental hygiene. This will involve brushing with a fluoride toothpaste twice day and cleaning between your teeth.

Remember to attend routine check-ups so your dentist can keep an eye on your crown and the underlying tooth.

A crown offers great protection against further decay, but not at the gum line. It will also not prevent gum disease, so make sure you keep that area clean and free from bacteria.

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