Dental Implants

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is essentially an artificial root made of metal, used to replace missing teeth. This could be a single tooth, multiple teeth in the form of a bridge, or an entire jaw of teeth. They can also be used to secure loose dentures and prevent them moving around whilst speaking or chewing.

How are they done?

It is a procedure whereby the gum is lifted to expose the jawbone, the implants are carefully inserted one by one, then the gum is closed back together. Once healed an implant supported crown, bridge or denture can be placed.

Am I suitable?

Most patients are suitable for dental implant treatment. After a thorough review of your medical history, an in-depth examination of the mouth is conducted to assess available space for a potential implant as well as the volume of bone and gum available. The remaining teeth are also checked to ensure they are all healthy. Following this, you would be presented with all possible treatment options.

Are implants expensive?

Dental implant placement is extremely complicated dentistry, combining advanced surgical and restorative skills to achieve a good result.

Each dental implant placement will involve around 6 hours of our time over the various appointments, as well as the additional costs of advanced surgical equipment, the services of a dental laboratory, and the actual implant components themselves.

We also hold special insurance to allow us to carry out these advanced procedures.

Due to all of these reasons the costs of implants is inevitably higher than other dental treatments, but as with all our other treatments we strive to provide treatment that is of excellent quality and represents value for our patients

It is worth noting that implants offered cheaply will inevitably compromise on some of the above aspects, be it in the planning, placement, or the actual quality of dental implant itself.

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