We can provide tailor-made dentures to replace one or more missing teeth – these fit securely and comfortably and look just like the real thing.

Why you might need them

You may have lost your teeth through gum disease, tooth decay or trauma, and now want to restore your smile and improve the functionality of your mouth.

How they help

Your choices

Full dentures – these usually feature an acrylic gum-coloured arch with prosthetic teeth and they are used to replace a full set of missing teeth.

Partial dentures – these are used if you only have a few spaces and are attached to existing teeth with metal clasps. We offer a number of partial choices including acrylic and chrome. We also offer Sunflex®, which is particularly beneficial if you have small gaps of one or two missing teeth and it can be an alternative to a fixed bridge. They are virtually unbreakable, metal-free dentures that are light and comfortable to wear.

Both full and partial dentures can be removable so they can be taken out for cleaning and sleeping.

Dentures can also be ‘implant retained’, which means they are clipped to implants which are placed in the jaw for a much more stable and secure fit – these can also be removed for cleaning and sleeping.

Partial dentures can include fixed bridges, which are permanently attached to teeth either side of a gap.

How they work

More useful information

It may take a while to get used to your new dentures, especially if they are a full set. Your speech may sound a little strange, but you should soon get used to talking normally if you practice reading out loud.

You may also find it difficult to eat, so start off with softer foods and gradually introduce more challenging items.

Even if you have full dentures, regular annual examinations are needed as these include checking the soft tissues for signs of oral cancer.

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