Hygienist services

Our highly experienced hygienist is a vital member of our team who focus on preventing and treating gum disease by encouraging top notch oral hygiene.

Why you need hygiene treatment

Gum disease is a very common problem that causes inflammation, soreness and bleeding and, if not treated, it can lead to tooth loss. It develops due to the accumulation of plaque which can eventually harden and turn into stubborn tartar.

How it helps

Your choices

We offer the KaVo air polishing system, which blasts away more stubborn stains, such as those caused by smoking. This treatment lifts even the toughest stains, both on the surface and between the teeth.

We can help treat chronic periodontitis with full mouth disinfection, which removes bacteria and hard deposits from the root surfaces. The intensive treatment involves deep root surface debridement.

More useful information

Seeing our hygienists will not only help protect your teeth, it will also be beneficial for your overall well-being as poor oral health has been linked to serious conditions, including heart diseases, strokes and Alzheimer’s.

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