Root Canal Therapy (Endodontics)

Serious infections can occur if the internal chamber of a tooth becomes damaged through dental decay, trauma or a deep filling. Root canal therapy can treat this type of infection, which can prevent a painful abscess from forming and help to save the tooth.

Why you might need it

You may need this treatment to prevent an infection from spreading and to save your tooth. The inner chamber of the tooth contains the pulp, which consists of blood vessels and the nerve supply so if this is infected it can cause symptoms such as pain, tenderness and sensitivity. Root canal therapy can help to eliminate this associated discomfort.

How it helps

How it works

More useful information

We are constantly updating our knowledge so we can provide the most advanced root canal treatment methods. We also work with a highly qualified specialist when dealing with more challenging cases.

Although root canal therapy has a reputation for being painful, you should find it no more uncomfortable than having a normal filling.

As long as you keep your root canal treated tooth clean by regularly brushing and flossing, and attend routine check-ups, it should remain problem-free.

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